Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Symbol of the Rethug Party

He's Harley "Har Har" Brown, Rethug candidate for the First Congressional District of Idaho/the Aryan Nation. Not surprisingly, he's staked out the most extreme right positions his reptilian brain could come up with. A sampling from Harley Har Har's website/hate blog, via the link above:
"Just one of our submarines packs enough Fire Power to level a continent. The Terrorists should be terrified of the USA not the other way around. This is because many US politicians are spineless jellyfish. 9/11 should have been more than enough provocation for us to use our "HEAVY EQUIPMENT."
"I declare the US Tax code should be scuttled and declared unconstitutional on the legal grounds of being Void for Vagueness. Please consider sending a loud mouth passionate demolition expert to Washington DC. I will destroy mediocrity and politics as we know it. Congress needs someone crazy like me to combat their insanity.
We're imagining this rabid nutcase actually drawing some support among his Aryan Nation constituents and beyond. But Harley Har Har will have to wear a paper bag over his head when he campaigns, so as not to scare the kids.

(photo: No, we didn't Photoshop the picture: he actually looks that way.)

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