Friday, April 16, 2010

The Veil Lifts, Momentarily

Tea Party Gauleiter Sean "Heil" Hannity was ordered back to Fux News studios in New York after it was learned by network news executives that Heil was allowing the tea baggers in Cincinnati to charge for admission to see him. That apparently angered the Fux corporate news people, after last week's statement by owner Rupert "The Pirate" Murdoch stated that his network would not support the Tea Party or any political parties. Cough cough. (Pause for giggling) The Tea Parties were practically an invention of Fux last spring, in collaboration with health industry lobbyists ("Dick" Armey) and assorted Rethug politicians (Bachmann Palin Overdrive, etc.)

Occasionally, some Fuxers get too far in front of their anti-Administration campaign, and need to be pulled back by those trying desperately to prop up the false veneer of "objectivity" for their network. Heil is just the latest, but not the last.

(photo: "Damn, and I was going to pocket half the gate.")

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