Thursday, July 1, 2010

"This Is How They Would Govern"

It seems that the Rethugs are letting it all hang out with more regularity with respect to their core philosophy: let big business do what it wants. On financial reform, health insurance reform, and even the Gulf oil gusher, the Rethugs are growing less and less cautious about disguising their corporate DNA from middle class voters. The Democratic National Committee has latched on to the theme, and has a new ad out, "On Their Side." With their abject fear of offending teabaggers and Limpballs' ditto heads, the Rethug political apparatus has shifted so far to the right that the Dems need to hammer this theme over and over. Remind the middle class and those independent voters that these "e-coli conservative" Rethugs would return us to the conditions of the 1890s, a social Darwinist world in which large companies and monopolies ran America without regard to public good.

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