Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's amusing to see the Rethug establishment's pathetic record in their primaries or nominating conventions thus far, thanks to the teabagger Armey, er, army. In Nevada, Alaska, Utah, and Colorado, the Rethug establishment's preferred candidates went down to defeat to teatards. Now you can add Senate nominees in Delaware and New York to the list. Sadly for the Rethugs (snicker snicker) they can also probably remove some states from their likely wins in November as a result (thank you Nevada, Colorado and Delaware).

In Delaware, Christine "No Dildos" O'Donnell beat long-time Delaware politician Mike "Home Is My" Castle, but while her victory may give the baggers a warm, wet feeling, it's probably because they've just pissed away the seat to Dem Chris Coons. Even Turdblossom Rove was turning thumbs down on No Dildos' chances because of her insane positions. In New York, Carl "Porno" Paladino handily beat establishment favorite Rick "Lyin'" Lazio for the Rethug nomination, essentially worthless since either would lose to Dem Andrew Cuomo. Porno, of course is noted for sending mass e-mails out showing a PhotoShopped image of President and Mrs. Obama dressed as a pimp and whore, and for including images of bestiality in his other e-mails. Suggested slogan for Porno Paladino: "Pets Need Love, Too."

(Photo: No shit, Sherlock)

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