Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Teatard Sweetheart?

It seems that a high percentage of the conservative white male, over-50 political demographic have serious crushes on younger, cerebrally-challenged Barbies with no recognizable qualifications for political office except, um . . .well, you know what the boys like. Most notable example: the Wasilla Wonder Woman, who never met a newspaper she read, but they loved her fitted black leather outfit! Her imitator, Delaware's Christine "No Dildos" O'Donnell didn't fare as well overall, but she nailed down that dirty old man vote.

Coming soon to Washington, D.C. is another up-and-coming teatard star: Representative-elect Kristi "Oh" Noem, who was elected to the at-large Congressional seat in South Dakota. Notable among Oh Noem's achievements are scooping up about $3 million in Federal farm subsidies for a ranch she partially owns, while campaigning loudly for cuts in Federal spending (therefore supporting the "do as I say, not as I do" ethic of teabaggers everywhere). Then there's this from her Wikipedia entry:
"Noem has received more than 20 speeding tickets over the past 21 years. Noem had incurred three stop sign violations, two seat belt violations, no driver's license, six notices for failure to appear in court and two arrest warrants."
Whoa, Ma Barker's got nothing on you, Kristi! But for a teatard, it just shows how silly Gummint rules are meant to be broken, except of course those that benefit you.

(photo: "Damn, if that's the sheriff I see comin', I'm outa here!")

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