Monday, November 15, 2010

They Watch So We Don't Have To

As you may have heard, snowbilly grifter and teahadist queen Sarah "Pioneerin'" Palin just debuted her "reality" tee-vee shew on TLC, garnering 5 million viewers (we don't need no stinkin' market research to know who her audience was -- just see posting below). Fortunately, Gawker has the "5 Most Ridiculous Moments" from the premiere episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" so we don't have to lose a precious moment watching the exploits of this dimbulb and her spawn. We're confident there will be "5 Most Ridiculous Moments" from each future episode, so we'll keep you informed.

(Photo: Pioneerin' Palin casts her line -- to catch a grizzly bear? Unfortunately, she's already reproduced, so the damage to the gene pool has been done.)

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