Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rangel's Bad Move

It's too bad Dem poobah Rep. Charlie "Workin' the Angle" Rangel chose yesterday's ethics hearing to throw an untimely tantrum. The ethically-challenged Congressman strode out of the hearing after claiming that he lacked legal representation -- after all, the poor guy's only had two years to arrange his defense. Just weeks before the election, he was demanding that the process be speeded up. The move forced Dems and Rethugs to continue with the hearing without Workin' the Angle Rangel present.

Workin' the Angle has only been charged with avoiding taxes on property he owns, among 13 alleged ethics violations. But his actions speak badly not only of him, as the NY Times notes, but also of his respect for the institution he serves in.

UPDATE: A House Ethics Subommittee investigating the ethics charges has found Workin' the Angle Rangel guilty of ethics violations; on to the full Committee. At least he saved money on a lawyer. . .

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