Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looking for the Blue...Er...Silver Lining

In his election predictions, Kos has 26 of the so-called "Blue Dog Democrats" (read "conservaDems") losing their House seats today. I would call that the silver lining in the potential dark cloud of Democratic prospects today. Losing those Rethug-lite congressmen can only be an improvement to the Democratic caucus. We're especially rooting for Rep. Gene Taylor (Rethug lite-MS) to go down (he's the one who recently admitted he voted for Walnuts McCain over Obama in 2008). If you can't pull the lever for the nominee of your party, who's representing the policy goals in the party's platform, you shouldn't be in that party, much less representing that party in office. We're hoping the voters take care of that problem for as many Blue Dogs as possible.

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