Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miss Him Yet?

No. Now that Dumbya is making the rounds promoting his silly book, "Decision Point," the wingnut right is reminiscing about the good old days. Forgotten by the wingers is a war in Iraq with no relation to fighting terrorism, a huge deficit, Constitution-shredding actions by the Dumbya/The Dick tandem, etc., etc. There's still the same stupid, false-macho attitude from Dumbya, the same smirk and superficiality, which the wingers absolutely love. As Hullabaloo's Digby notes:
"What they loved about him was his crudeness and cruelty and --- more than anything --- that he inspired such loathing from liberals. It's the in-your-face defiance that they admire, the eagerness to be politically incorrect, the exclusion from the process of those whom they see as not fully 'American.' It's a defining characteristic of the right. Domination, exclusion, and eliminationism are what animates their thinking, not deficits, taxes or the constitution."
Miss the Chimpster? Like a bout of dysentery.

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