Monday, November 8, 2010

Winky Wants Fed to Stop Buying T-Bills

Noted monetary policy expert and reality show star Winky You Betcha has some unsolicited advice for Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke: stop trying to stimulate the economy! Celebrity nincompoop Sarah Palin's actual message was for the Fed to "cease and desist" from its purchase of $900 billion in treasury bills, which is intended to, stimulate the economy. Winky wouldn't want that to happen, particularly with a Democrat in the White House! We wonder where Palin got her monetary policy smarts: was it from one of the six colleges she attended, or did she get a degree in economics this weekend from Beck U.?

In her quest to stop the recovery in its tracks, she has the support of one powerful ally: China. Why does Winky hate America?

(Photo: Prof. Winky You Betcha can see China with one eye closed)

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