Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Leftovers

To our American audience, we hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your family, with lots of turkey and all the trimmings. [Pardon the obvious segue here -->] Hey, speaking of turkeys...

-- In today's Kaplan Daily, asshat Michael "Mushroom Cloud" Gerson, former Dumbya speechwriter, makes another laughable attempt at polemical ju-jitsu, claiming progressive policies have failed in the past 2 years. To the limited extent progressive policies have been enacted by the fearful marginalists in Congress, is he referring to the stimulus that kept us from Great Depression II, or the GM/Chrysler bailout that appears to have re-energized the auto industry -- all with little or no Rethug support? Or perhaps he's referring to TARP (enacted under Dumbya) that stabilized the financial sector, or to health reform, which will insure 30 million uninsured Americans and drive down the deficit over the next decade? Yes, you make a solid, sane argument, Mushroom Cloud.

-- In a radio interview with Professor Glenn "Boo Hoo the Hoot" Beck, noted historian and geopolitical scholar Sarah "Wasilla Quitta" Palin boldly recommends that the U.S. stand with its "North Korean allies." By all means! And we need to keep our troops in Iran and Albertastan, Mr. Obama! UPDATE: The thin-skinned half-wit fires back!

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