Thursday, December 30, 2010

Days of Whine and Bonuses

If there is a group more clueless and self-entitled than the Wall Street Masters of the Universe, we'd like to know. Recently, several anonymous (i.e., cowardly) Wall Streeters whined to Politico about how mean the Obama administration has been to them, for no reason at all! Who remembers the Troubled Agency Recovery Program, the Bush-passed/Obama administered bailout that saved their fat asses? Who remembers the record high bonuses of the past 2 years that they were allowed to rake in? Not these clowns.

When blame is rightly laid at their marble doorstep by the President, and most others, they get upset. But we're certain their hurt feelings will be soothed once they have a little more time to depressurize from the demands of the current bull market at their ski chalet, executive spa, or home in the Hamptons.

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