Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ordure in the Court

As Steve Benen notes, from coverage in the mainstream media, you'd think that all of the Federal court cases regarding the health insurance reform law have been decided in favor of the Rethuglican position. In reality, two have been opposed, and two have upheld the law. In the most recent one, Federal District Judge Roger "Rogered" Vinson went far beyond the norm in ruling the entire law unconstitutional, as opposed to just the individual mandate requirement. Judge Rogered was appointed by none other than St. Ronnie of Hollywood, so his partisan leanings should be pretty clear. But why has the media Village played up the "losses" and downplayed (or not covered) the "wins" in the courts for the law? For the same reason they fail to fact check right wing fables on every subject: a mixture of solidarity with the righties and plain old laziness.

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