Monday, March 14, 2011

Rethug Sex Blotter - Wisconsin Union Buster Edition

Wisconsin Rethug State Senator "Randy" Randy Hopper is one of the troglodytes currently facing a recall effort due to his support for Wisconsin Gov. Scott "Too Much Johnnie" Walker's union-busting. As a full-fledged Rethug hypocrite, randy Randy has also left his wife for a 25-year old former staffer who worked alongside (under?) him -- Ed. note: if he claims it's all because he loves Wisconsin so much and has been working so hard in its interests, it's a sure sign he's maneuvering to be Wisconsin's Newt Gingrich. The upshot of this is that randy Randy's estranged wife has joined the recall effort to remove him from office! Bwahahahaha!

(Photo: State Sen. "Randy" Randy Hopper, soon to be ex- Senator and hubby?)

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