Monday, November 7, 2011

Allred-dy Then

The unfolding sexual harassment scandal involving Koch puppet and former inedible pizza king Herman "Herb" Cain may get some wind in its sails. It's reported that Attorney Gloria Allred will be taking the case of a fourth Herb-accuser, and may introduce the woman in a news conference today.*

If the report's true, some of the accusations will have a face to them. It's a brave move, given the right-wing attack machine's ability to smear those that stand up to their "heroes" -- see Anita Hill, etc. Limpballs, the Fuxers, and the other attack monkeys on the right will be at their battle stations for any woman who accuses one of their own.

*UPDATE: Herb's accuser alleges inappropriate "touching." Better still, she's a registered Republican. To top it off, what Ms. Bialek is alleging goes beyond harassment to sexual assault.


W. Hackwhacker said...

As Ms. Allred noted, the grope was Cain's Rethuglican version of a "stimulus package."

Anonymous said...

Talking is harrassment - touching is assault. I hope no one is confused about that. P.E.C.