Sunday, November 6, 2011

Letters We Wish We'd Written Dept.

From the November 5 Kaplan Daily "Free for All," perceptive comments from a reader on the "he-said, she-said", let- the- truth- catch- up- later quality of mainstream media "reporting:"
"Two recent letters published in Free for All [Andi Drimmer, Oct. 22, and Liz Hobbins, Oct. 29] called upon The Post to relocate 'The Fact Checker' to the front page. As Hobbins rightly observed, 'It is the responsibility of The Post to provide that additional information (about candidate claims) and put it where people won’t miss it.'

But it seems to me that the place where people 'won’t miss it' is in the original reporting, not in a separate column or section. Why, one has to ask, are the easily verifiable misrepresentations of fact by a major candidate for the presidency not considered an integral part of the initial story? Could it be that the major media have become increasingly more concerned about evenhandedness than about the nobler mission of truth-telling? Victor A. Capece, Bowie"

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