Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Rethug Candidate Update

Steve Benen saves us a lot of time this morning. He's got pieces on three of the Rethuglican stooges running for preznit.

-- he's got Willard "Mittens/ Muff/ Flip Flop Mitt" Romney, "the guy who laid you off," here;

-- he's got Rick "Oops" Perry, the man who has a hard time keeping more than two thoughts in his head at any given time, here; and

-- he's got Michelle "I See Commies, But Not My Gay Husband" Bachmann, who has a hard time keeping any thought in her head, here.

Sorry, we'll let you find stuff on Herman "Horndog Herb" Cain on your own!


Anonymous said...

Check out the video of Cain responding to a question about Libya and Pres. Obama's handling of that issue. I saw it on the first 30 min. portion of the Today show this morning. Yikes! I'll bet he doesn't know where Libya is. P.E.C.

Hackwhackers said...

Thanks for pointing it out, P.E.C. We just did a posting on it, and gave you a tip of the hat. :)