Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Reasons. . . .

...why Rethuglican Presidential candidate Gov. Rick "Hair" Perry will never be President:
1. The public won't buy his radical right-wing views (tear up the social safety net, consider seceding from the Union if you don't agree with Federal laws, etc.)

2. His crony capitalism record is exactly what the public is angry about (Occupy movement), and

3. Uh...wait, there's a third reason. Uh, we had it just a minute ago. We can't remember right now. Let's see, the third....can't do it, OOPS!
There's almost unanimous agreement that you can stick a fork in Hair, he's done after his epic brainfart last night. Admittedly, we didn't sit through last night's Rethuglican "debate," so here's a good recap of the hijinks and outright mendacity.

(photo: Uh...ummm...uh...)

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