Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Reading

Normally, Thesaurus-thumbing right wing pundit George "Quill" Will's columns don't draw our attention, but this morning he unloaded on his least-favorite Rethug (emphasis added):
"Gingrich...embodies the vanity and rapacity that make modern Washington repulsive. And there is his anti-conservative confidence that he has a comprehensive explanation of, and plan to perfect, everything.

Granted, his grandiose rhetoric celebrating his 'transformative' self is entertaining: Recently he compared his revival of his campaign to Sam Walton’s and Ray Kroc’s creations of Wal-Mart and McDonald’s, two of America’s largest private-sector employers. There is almost artistic vulgarity in Gingrich’s unrepented role as a hired larynx for interests profiting from such government follies as ethanol and cheap mortgages. His Olympian sense of exemption from standards and logic allowed him, fresh from pocketing $1.6 million from Freddie Mac (for services as a 'historian'), to say, 'If you want to put people in jail,' look at 'the politicians who profited from' Washington’s environment."
Guess this means that Quill is off Poot Gingrich's Christmas card list.

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