Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bad Money

Facing a recall election threat this spring, right-wing Koch head Gov. Scott "Take A Walk" Walker is now being accused of over a thousand campaign finance violations in his gubernatorial campaign in 2010. Take A Walk is accused of not properly reporting over $500,000 in contributions (*cough, Koch, cough cough*), and could face $557,500 in fines. What would be most helpful is an accounting of all the mystery donors, who they are and what they contributed; what they wanted was a piece of the State.

Take A Walk and his plutocrat backers expected to waltz through Wisconsin busting unions, dismantling the Democratic Party, and making life much easier for the wealthiest individuals and corporations. Didn't happen. And we're hopeful that officials in Wisconsin throw the book at Take A Walk and send a message to the right wing elites that Wisconsin isn't for sale.

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