Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From The Sports Desk

Yesterday, President Obama welcomed the Boston Bruins, the Stanley Cup champions, to the White House to celebrate their first championship in 39 years. Sadly, the event was marred by the refusal of one player, goalie Tim "What The Puck" Thomas, to attend. Instead, What The Puck decided to use the occasion to issue a political statement that the "government has grown out of control, threatening the rights, liberties and property of the people." It's worth noting that What The Puck earns $5 million per year stopping a hard rubber disk from going into a net for a few months, so it's doubtful that his rights, liberties and property are being threatened too much.

What's truly "out of control" are the salaries of professional athletes, including What The Puck's. Diverting billions of dollars per year from the economy to pay a few hundred jocks their exorbitant salaries for playing games is what this jerk should be concerned about. But that would assume some intelligence, selflessness, and humility on his part.

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