Tuesday, March 13, 2012

140 And Counting....

To date, porcine pill-popping prince of hate radio Rush "Limpballs" Limbaugh has lost a total of 140 advertisers from his noxious radio program, as the fallout continues from his disgusting 3-day attack on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. The best news is that these advertisers have also asked that their ads be pulled from other hate radio programs, such as Glenn "Dreck" Beck, Sean "Heil" Hannity, and Michael "Savage Weiner."

These are national advertisers, big companies like Honda, Sam's Club, Lowe's, State Farm, Exxon, etc. The proof of their sincerity will be whether or not they slip back to the programs in a few weeks or not. We'll see, but it's a great blow to the hard-right bigots and misogynists that populate hate radio.

(image: Our apologies to pigs everywhere.)

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