Saturday, March 31, 2012

The "O" Is Out

Current TV and Keith Olbermann have parted company, and not amicably. Yesterday, the cable channel announced that Olbermann had been fired, and Olbermann responded that he would see them in court. While the details are emerging, it appears that Olbermann thought that Current TV didn't devote the proper resources to his nightly broadcast. Current TV has its own version, so it will all come out in the courtroom wash. Nonetheless, we're sad to see this squabble occurring in progressive broadcasting.

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stanchaz said...

Ahhhhh Yes: We must contrast those nasty angry egotistic Liberal commentators (like Keith Olbermann) with.....the quiet ,humble, self-effacing, ego-less, almost Budda-like qualities of Conservative commentators.....who, no doubt, bicycle to work, so that they might not offend THEIR limo drivers. Chill out Right Wingers, and just take two more Viagras. But do me a favor- and DON'T call me in the morning :-). The real question we should be asking is : Did CurrentTV simply USE Keith to gain attention and higher ratings? They KNEW what they were getting! Did they lure him with big bucks, and then drop him when they were done? Yes, we all know that Keith injects emotion and passion into his commentary, into his intelligent and incisive reporting, and into his humor....all of which makes his program interesting, as well as informative. He's forceful, honest, and direct: you FEEL his pain, you FEEL his anger, and you FEEL his heart-felt sincerity when he covers a story. And he covers it well. He's NEVER just another talking head! If Keith is absent from CurrentTV, then I too will be absent from CurrentTV. For Keith is one of the best - hands down- as evidenced by his outstanding coverage of OWS during the past year. I wish him well, and hope that he is back on the air soon. We need his unique voice and viewpoint!