Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Political Purity Could Cost Us in November

Garry Wills looks at political purity and the stakes in the 2012 election:

"To vote for a Republican means, now, to vote for a plutocracy that depends for its support on anti-government forces like the tea party, Southern racists, religious fanatics, and war investors in the military-industrial complex. It does no good to say that 'Romney is a good man, not a racist.' That may be true, but he needs a racist South as part of his essential support. And the price they will demand of him comes down to things like Supreme Court appointments. (The Republicans have been more realistic than the Democrats in seeing that presidential elections are really for control of the courts.) [snip]

"Those who think there is no difference between the parties should look at the state that no longer elects any Democrats, the Texas described so well by Gail Collins, with its schools attacking evolution, its religious leaders denying there was ever any separation of church and state, and its cowboy code of justice."

The Firebaggers, the Naderites, the Greens, and all the assorted purists of the Left should ask themselves how turning America into Texas would help those about whom they purport to be most concerned.

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