Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another of Willard's Falsehoods Exposed

The Boston Globe is reporting today that serial prevaricator Willard "I'll Say Anything" Romney has been misrepresenting his time at Bain Capital as CEO and sole stockholder by three years. According to the story, weird Willard left Bain in 2002, not in 1999 as he's claimed, which would mean that he was involved in the bankruptcy and layoff of workers after 1999, an important fact that he was trying to hide.

Once again (and tomorrow we'll have a wrap-up of the lies he's told just in the last week), Willard can't seem to tell the truth about something that's easily fact-checked. He's counting on a lazy Beltway media to glide over the story and instead focus on whatever shiny object his campaign can distract it with. But the cascade of questions about his finances, taxes, and core beliefs continue, and the steady production of lies from him and his campaign won't work in the end.

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