Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today's Read

Harold Meyerson asks of the New Confederate/Rethuglican Party:
"But how is it that the South has come North in today’s GOP? The fact that Barack Obama is our first black president coincides with the United States’ transformation from a majority-white nation to a multiracial country no longer destined to remain the world’s hegemon. Augmented by an intractable recession rooted in a crisis of capitalism, this epochal shift has summoned the shades of racial resentment. To the extent that Republicans can depict government as the servant of this rising non-white America (precisely the purpose of Romney’s ads), the South’s antipathy toward government can find a receptive audience in other regions."

Meyerson traces the links between the Old South of Jim Crow, racial resentment, and Christian fundamentalism to today's New Confederate/ Rethuglican Party with its old, white core. When you see those Romney/ Rethug ads on welfare, entitlements, and scope of government, apply Meyerson's analysis and you'll understand why we see this as one of the most cynical, dishonest, racist campaigns in our lifetime. Lee Atwater would be so proud of Willard.

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