Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who Would Have Thought?

For the longest time, the refrain among Beltway Village "serious people" has been to fix the debt. Indeed, there's a group that calls itself "Fix The Debt." So you would think that in order to fix it, they'd propose a balanced approach of revenues and spending cuts, including cuts to the largest part of discretionary spending: defense. You'd be wrong.

Here's some interesting information about the makeup of "Fix The Debt." It appears that the majority of its leadership are defense contractor CEOs. Maybe that's why there's been nary a peep about cuts in defense spending, while there's incessant talk about Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid cuts (keep in mind, too, that Social Security and Medicare are self-funded insurance programs, not drawing from general revenues). Putting these people in charge of fixing the debt would be like putting the NRA in charge of the government's gun control policy....oh wait, they already are.

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