Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fux Enlists "Santa Claus" To Discuss "War on Christmas"

Who but the nincompoops on "Fux and Friends" would bring on "Santa Claus" to discuss the phony right wing issue of the "war on Christmas?" The "war on Christmas" is the paranoid Talibangelist right's response to what they imagine as anti-religious secularization -- everything from people saying "happy holidays" to an imagined Muslim takeover of our institutions. So who better to take up the cause of remembering what Christmas is truly about than that noted Christian theologian....Santa Claus. Well, we suppose it's appropriate: an imaginary person talking about an imaginary problem. Bwahahaha!

The moronic trio of Steve "The Douche" Doocy, Wretched Gretchen Carlson, and Brian "Kill Me Now" Kilmeade is always good for laughs, unless you're recovering from having stuck your tongue in an electrical outlet, in which case they might sound pretty smart.

(photo: The Douche and Wretched Gretchen ask Santa to give them minds for Christmas)

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