Saturday, January 19, 2013

Local Yokel Not To Be Confused With Justice John Marshall

In a letter to Vice President Biden, Linn County (Oregon) Yokel Sheriff Tim Mueller says he'll be the one to decide what Federally-mandated gun laws he will or will not uphold in his neck of the woods, f**k you very much. As the nullifying Oregon solon stated in an interview:
"We're restricted and prohibited from enforcing all types of federal laws, including immigration laws. It would be unreasonable for anyone to think that I would enforce a federal firearms law."
Yes, totally unreasonable! Daily Kos' 88 Kathy has penned a fantasy response letter from VP Biden that encapsulates our thoughts on this "we are a cafeteria of laws" cop:
Dear Linn County Board of Commissioners.

RE: Crazed letter from Sheriff Mueller, January 14, 2013

Your sheriff has lost his mind. Please remove him from office for the safety of the public.

All off and on ramps for Interstate 5 though your county, all off and on ramps for Highways 20 and 126 will be closed until your county wishes to elect a sheriff who will comply with federal laws.

Your Friend,

(Photo: Sheriff Tim with his letter to Santy Claus VP Biden.)

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