Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gingrich, Romney, Ryan Intern Charged in Sexual Blackmail Case

Adam Savader, a former intern to Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the 2012 campaign, has been charged with cyberstalking and extortion in a sexual blackmail case:
The New York Daily News reports that 21-year-old Adam Savader was arrested in Great Neck, N.Y. on Tuesday by the FBI. He was charged with cyberstalking and blackmailing women online, according to authorities.
News 12 Long Island adds that court documents show Savader allegedly used both the Internet and text messages. He claimed he had naked pictures of the women and vowed to send them to friends and family if more were not provided.
This dickhead has a future in the "rebranding" Rethuglican/ Stupid Party, don't you think!?  Maybe women's issues liaison?  Social media coordinator?                                                                            

What is it about the conservative mind-set and philosophy that seems to attract an inordinate share of creeps, perverts, predators, misogynists and, well, just plain felons?

(Photo:  Rep. Paul Ryan with the felonious intern -  type the felonious intern's name in on Google images and see what other Rethugs he's been rubbing elbows with =cough=ScottWalker=cough= TuckerCarlson=cough=MicheleBachmann=cough.)

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