Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tide Turning on Background Check Legislation

The threatened Senate Rethug filibuster of legislation to mandate background checks for gun sales appears to be weakening, as several key Rethuglicans have located their consciences and are ready to vote (no, of course),  Sens. Collins, Ayotte, Coburn and Isakson among them.  Also, Arizona's Sen. McCain said Sunday he would not support a filibuster of a vote.  No doubt any final vote will split along Dem / Stupid Party lines, but it's encouraging that some in the latter are willing to vote on the record, rather than simply not allowing a vote to occur at all.  The vote is scheduled to occur tomorrow at the earliest.

Among the despicable Senate Rethugs that don't even want a vote to occur are 2016 hopefuls are Marco "Glug Glug " Rubio and "Ayn" Rand Paul.  They're willing to buck over 90% of the public that supports background checks to bow to the will (and financial backing) of the National Rifle Rampage Association.  It illustrates the depth of the NRA's fear of a recorded vote, one which they would clearly lose and therefore diminish their influence.

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