Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snowden to Ecuador?

NSA leaker, Ron Paul admirer and legend in his own mind Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong, China, for libertarian paradise Russia, and has  reportedly sought asylum in libertarian paradise  Ecuador, following earlier speculation that his ultimate destination would be libertarian paradises Cuba or Venezuela.  Snowden is reportedly to travel from Moscow to Cuba, enroute to Ecuador on Monday.  That's quite the travelogue of open, freedom-loving places, Mr. Snowden! 

Snowden is being sought under the Espionage Act for disclosure of classified information, gathering or disclosing defense information, and embezzling public property or records.  His passport was also revoked today.

If he was intending to change the story from domestic intelligence gathering overreach to himself, he's done a bang-up job.

UPDATE:  Snowden was not on the flight to Cuba earlier today, raising speculation that the Russians are finding the laptops he carried with him with national security information too tempting.  They may end up keeping the laptops and handing Snowden over to the U.S.

UPDATE II:   Edward Snowden, the not-accidental mole.  Also calling into question Glenn Greenwald's role (h/t LGF).

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