Friday, August 16, 2013

Smug Thug Mugged

There are continued reports that right-wing hate radio pustule Sean "Heil" Hannity is being dropped from the Cumulus radio network, the second-largest in the country.  This follows Cumulus' decision to bid farewell to that other sack of crap Rush "Pills" Limpballs, and the Fux Channel's decision to replace Heil Hannity in his prime time cable slot with Megyn "How's My Hair?" Kelly.

This development brought one of Heil's right-wing competitors out of the woodwork, namely Michael Weiner, who goes by the name "Michael Savage," hoping to capitalize on Heil's exit.  Savage Weiner's gloating that he'll take over Heil's audience of mouthbreathers by year's end.  Nothing better to see than this internecine hate-fest.

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