Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rectal Vision Quote of the Day

“I think Martin Luther King’s dream has been fulfilled.  All men and women in this country are now treated equally. Legal discrimination has been outlawed.”  --  former Preznit Dumbya coat carrier and Rethuglican Negro-conservative-for-hire Ron Christie, on the state of African-Americans today.  Hat tip to Daily Kos.

"Problem solved" and trying to co-opt Dr. King's vision are tactics of the right-wing today.  During Dr. King's time, of course, they were virulently opposed to everything he stood for, calling him a "Communist" among other slurs and opposing every piece of civil rights legislation that he championed.  Perhaps in 50 years, they and their successors will be touting "Obamacare" as something they supported, too.

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