Sunday, December 29, 2013

"The Immutable Law of American Politics"

BooMan has the immutable law of American politics right here:
The lesson is, the GOP will go crazy anytime a Democrat is in the Oval Office, and they will not be properly punished for it by the electorate. This is a seemingly immutable law of American politics, somewhat akin to the law that says that Republican presidents will run up huge deficits and then the party will turn into deficit scolds the moment they are out of the White House.  [our emphasis]
As BooMan points out, it was true when Bill Clinton was in office, and would be true if Sen. Joe Manchin (from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party) were President (shudder). There's a strong ethos of entitlement with Republicans, as you would expect from people used to "rank- has- its-  privilege" (through race, economic status, gender, etc.).  The fact that they're not punished for their trying to sabotage the economy, de-legitimatize a twice-elected President, obstruct anything and everything in Congress, stymie efforts to address climate change and immigration reform, roll back women's rights, roll back voting rights, and much more, says to us that the forces of reaction in this country have not weakened, despite setbacks.  Progressives need to continue to push, to advocate, to educate and to vote, because this is a struggle that has gone on since the first governments were formed, and it will go on for as long as we're walking on the Earth.

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