Friday, January 17, 2014

Fire, Aim, Ready

Last July 4, a Virginia man active in the "patriot" libertarian movement, Adam "Needs An Eve" Kokesh, stood on Pennsylvania Avenue's Freedom Plaza (two blocks from the White House) with a shotgun and proceeded to load it, while ranting about the tyrannical gummint.  The stunt, which was videotaped, resulted in him being arrested on several weapons charges, and later, on drug charges when the home that he shares with several other losers men was raided and police found marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms.  After serving four months in D.C. jail, he was released today on two years' probation, after facing as much as seven years in prison for the charges against him.

Unwittingly, this 'shroom head, who proclaims himself to be a gun rights advocate, undercut his cause by his over-the-top stunt (imagine tourists with families seeing this idiot in downtown D.C.)  A newly contrite Adam Needs An Eve admitted his poor judgement at sentencing, and promised not to carry out any more stunts like that -- at least while he's on probation.  If there's a next time, throw the book at him.

(photo:  About to shoot himself in the foot)

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