Saturday, March 29, 2014

Today's Dispatches From The Stupid Party - Creationist Edition

Recently, the legislature of the Cradle of Stupid Secession, South Carolina, was petitioned by an 8-year-old girl who noticed that her State didn't have an official State fossil.  She wrote to her Democratic State Representative to suggest a Columbian Wooly Mammoth fossil that was excavated locally back in the 18th Century. He thought it was a great idea, so he and a Democratic State Senator introduced bills in their respective chambers to make it happen.

That's when a couple of God-bothering Republican dimbulbs went into action.  We'll let Wonkette capture the Stupid:
State Sen. Kevin Bryant, a fundamentalist Christian who back in 2008 got big satirical larffs with a Facebook post saying “the difference between Obama and Osama is just a little B.S.,” added an amendment to include three verses from the Book of Genesis to explain that God made everything 6000 years ago, because no way did mammoths evolve or anything. Bryant explained that he had no intention of interfering or anything; fossils are nice and all, but “I just felt like it’d be a good thing to acknowledge the creator of the fossils.” 
And when the amendment was ruled out of order on procedural grounds, because it introduced a new topic, things got even stupider. Another member of the “science is lies from the pit of hell” caucus, Sen. Mike Fair, whose district includes Bob Jones University, placed a hold on the state fossil bill. Sen. Fair is such a committed opponent of children being poisoned by knowledge of evolution that the National Center for Science Education dedicated a webpage to documenting his attempts to block the teaching of science.
So we now have scientific proof that there's an 8-year-old girl in the Cradle of Stupid Secession that is more intelligent and better educated than at least two Republican elected officials.  Good to know.

That reminds us:  tune into "Cosmos" with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sunday nights (check local U.S. listings).

(Image:  Does Bible-bangin' cause brain damage, or vice versa?)

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