Monday, April 28, 2014

Grimmer for Grimm

New York Rethuglican Representative and rage machine Michael "Dim" Grimm turned himself in to Federal authorities this morning after being indicted by a Federal grand jury on 20 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud and tax fraud relating to the business operation he ran prior to elective office.  Dim's no stranger to thuggery and sexual misconduct as we noted last January.

Teabagger favorite Dim has always projected a clean-cut, man-of-integrity image that's now clearly in the crapper.  We noted on Friday that the New York Rethuglican / Stupid Party can't replace him on the 2014 ballot at this late date in a district that voted for President Obama in 2012 unless he resigns, so their chances of retaining the seat are looking grimmer.

BONUS:  You can, uh, kiss another ethically stunted Republican congressman goodbye:
Republican Rep. Vance McAllister, forever immortalized on security camera footage as the "kissing congressman," has decided not to seek re-election, according to the Monroe News-Star. He does, however, say he won't resign and plans to finish out his term.

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