Saturday, May 17, 2014

9,999,950 "Patriot" No-Shows In D.C.

The blog Raw Story has had the most extensive coverage of the wingnut wingding that was supposed to have drawn "10 to 30 million patriots" to Washington, D.C. yesterday to make public idiots of themselves overthrow Osamabama's gubmint tyranny and install "tribunals" of right wingers to run the nation….all Constitutionally, of course.  Well, the "patriots" must have gotten lost on their way to D.C., because the turnout wasn't enough to fill a Cracker Barrel store.  Not to worry:  a twitter site has been set up to 'splain the massive flop:  #AmericanSpringexcuses.  It's hilarious.  Rachel Maddow also took a swing at the seditious saps on her program last night.

While we can mock the pathetic turnout and mindlessness of people who think they're defending the Constitution by overthrowing the Government elected under the Constitution, it's disturbing that this level of ignorance and rage has grown exponentially since America elected its first African-American president.  We can laugh, but we can't ignore.

(photo:  They'll need a smaller gubmint to overthrow)


Grung_e_Gene said...

Here gaggles,

The Thin White Line of Heroes when the DroneZ begin to roll

Hackwhackers said...

And it's a VERY white line…..