Monday, May 12, 2014

"Crazy Climate Economics"

Paul Krugman writes about a new front in the climate change battle, "crazy climate economics":
Until now, the right’s climate craziness has mainly been focused on attacking the science. And it has been quite a spectacle: At this point almost all card-carrying conservatives endorse the view that climate change is a gigantic hoax, that thousands of research papers showing a warming planet — 97 percent of the literature — are the product of a vast international conspiracy. But as the Obama administration moves toward actually doing something based on that science, crazy climate economics will come into its own.
As always, please read Krugman's entire op/ed.

As if on cue, the once great Washington Post Bezos Bugle's resident right-wing "economics" writer, Robert J. Samuelson wrings his hands and despairs there's no "magical fix," and besides CHINA!
Although he writes on economic matters, Samuelson is not an economist -- he has a B.A. in government -- and is often confused with economics Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson.  His stock in trade is to look for the dark cloud in every silver lining when Democrats are in charge.

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