Friday, November 28, 2014

Please, Please Let This Happen

We're not God-botherers, but we'd get on our knees and pray for this to happen:  some teatard "movers and shakers" are upset at Arizona Sen. John McNasty for not being quite as crazy as they are.  As a result they're "reaching out" to former half-term Governor of Alaska, and full-time grifter, Sarah "Winky" Palin to run against McNasty in the Rethug primary election for 2016.  Apparently, he hasn't built "the dang fence" fast enough for their liking.

What's delicious about this scenario is that, without McNasty's desperation move in picking Winky from well-earned obscurity in 2008, Winky would be doing sports features for a 1,000 watt radio station somewhere in Alaska's wilderness.  Now, she could be the instrument of his political demise.  Please, please let this happen.

(photo:  Go get 'im, Winky!)

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