Tuesday, December 9, 2014

News You Can Lose - Surprise! The Deficit's Shrinking

The results of a recent Bloomberg Politics poll show just how well the "mainstream media" has been disseminating information to the public (from Steve Benen, Maddow Blog -- click on graphs to enlarge):

That's 73% who incorrectly think the deficit's getting bigger, 22% who correctly think it's getting smaller, and 6% who might not have a pulse.

Of course, the deficit has been shrinking significantly for years.  How often have you seen that reported?  (What's that, Chuck Todd?  It's not your job?)

As a reality check, Benen provides the following graph showing how the deficit has been reduced since President Obama took office in 2009:

We're in large part a clueless country because we have a bought, cowardly, incompetent, corporate media that doesn't uphold the first principle of journalism:  report the facts.

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