Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bucks For Bucks, But Not Education

Fresh from his appearance at deranged Rep. Steve "Cantaloupe Calves" King's Iowa Crackpot-palooza, Wisconsin Gov. and Koch Industries' Employee of the Year Scott "Koch Head" Walker is rolling out his proposed budget for the upcoming year, and it's bad news for the State's university system.  Koch Head's proposing a drastic $300 million cut over two years in the university system's budget, believing that it will force the faculties to do "more work" as they juggle research and teaching responsibilities.  As the linked article notes, this is the same budget that contains some $220 million in public funds to build a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team, whose billionaire owners are all too happy to receive the corporate welfare.

This is what happens when Dems stay home on election day, and when out-of-control corporate money buys politicians that are hostile to public institutions, while at the same time shoveling tax breaks, regulatory cuts, and subsidies to their big-money benefactors.

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