Friday, January 23, 2015

Our Broken Media, Cont'd.

As the U.S. economy continues its robust recovery and unemployment drops, President Obama is enjoying increasingly good job approval numbers.  But for Republican hack "journalists" like Ron "Fourniercate"Fournier, the President hasn't "delivered."  Appearing on Fuxlite, Fourniercate didn't seem to recall years of Rethuglican obstruction of nearly every piece of legislation proposed by the President, for the 2009 stimulus package (which received exactly 0 Republican votes) to the landmark Affordable Care Act which was aggressively fought (and is to this day) by Rethugs who are fine with denying affordable health insurance to millions of working Americans.

Fourniercate was the hack that sent admiring notes to Turdblossom Rove, urging him to "keep up the fight," and who disparaged each of the Democratic candidates for the Presidency in 2008 while providing positive coverage to Republican candidate Sen. John McNasty.  Indeed, his loyalty to McNasty was rewarded by a job offer from his campaign, which Fourniercate declined.  So, keep in mind that when you read Fourniercate's deep thoughts about Obama's "leadership" failings, or that the President hasn't "delivered" in the face of Rethug obstruction, you're reading the work of a Republican hack.

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