Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rethug Messaging, Moochers and Penicillin

Every time they lose a national election, the Rethugs go into post-mortem rebranding mode, trying to decide on a winning "formula" for the next go 'round.  They lost badly among minorities and young voters in 2008, so their short-termed rebranding involved hiring an African-American party chairman and recruiting people that looked more like a cross section of America.  Sadly for them, the message veered off even more into right-wing nuttery during the 2012 Presidential campaign, where the candidates vied to appeal to the most extreme members of the party's base.  Lord Mittens Romney may have been the worst, railing about taxes on the "job creators" / top one percent, regulations protecting the environment and workers, and the infamous "47%" of people supposedly dependent on the Government.

Last night, Jon Stewart had a nice summary of how their rebranding simply involves trying to sell the same discredited nonsense that they've been pushing for years and years by twisting the truth and hoping people don't notice.  Stewart's summary at the end is priceless.  Watch:

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