Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rep. Schock's Fabulous Office

Illinois Republican Representative and male pinup Aaron "Schlock" Schock has a redecorated office in the Rayburn House Office Building, and it's……Fabulous!  Schock's interior decorator (mwahaha) redecorated the office after the rooms in the popular PBS serial "Downton Abbey."  The rooms are replete with such decorative touches as red walls, gilt accessories, and a lavish spray of pheasant feathers.  The redecoration was discovered by an inquisitive reporter, who was unceremoniously ushered out of Schlock's opulent office by an embarrassed press aide once the questions started.

This is someone who voted against funding PBS (Downton Abbey!!), who consistently supports cutting domestic discretionary spending and voted against amending Federal hate crimes laws to include sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.  But when it comes to feathering his own nest, Schlock is pheasant feather freaking Fabulous!

UPDATE:  What's not so Fabulous! is one of Schlock's senior aides, who had to resign for making racist and "Obama's a secret Muslim" Facebook entries.

UPDATE II:  What IS Fabulous! is Schlock's hiring a full-time boyfriend photographer to, you know, capture his awesomeness as they travel together.

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W. Hackwhacker said...

My gay-dar is at Defcon-5 level, too ("not that there's anything wrong with it")!! I think we're looking at yet another Republican hypocrite =cough= Sen. Lindsey Graham = cough= whose private life doesn't match his ultra-right voting record.