Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Buyer's Remorse, Teabagger Style

Right wing blogger and man with his own gravitational field James "Super Size Me" Webb is having buyer's remorse after voting Republican for the last 32 years.  A Tea Party "patriot," Webb was one of those Americans who couldn't afford health insurance, especially as someone with a pre-existing condition of morbid obesity.  With the Affordable Care Act, Webb (who was going to wait for Medicare some 15 years down the road) is now covered, but is scared that if the Rethugs win in 2016, the "Obamacare" that he depends on now will be taken away.  A classic conservative low-information voter, Webb realizes that his party has been playing fast and loose with the lives of people like him, and is mulling over voting (as he puts it) with the "Democrat Party" in 2016.  Better late than never,  but why does it take a personal crisis for some of these wingers to wake up to reality and learn something?

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