Monday, May 18, 2015

Progressives Beware

Right-wingers are already engaging in a massive digital effort against Hillary Clinton, and they're hoping you join in:
For months now, America Rising has sent out a steady stream of posts on social media attacking Mrs. Clinton, some of them specifically designed to be spotted, and shared, by liberals. The posts highlight critiques of her connections to Wall Street and the Clinton Foundation and feature images of Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, interspersed with cartoon characters and pictures of Kevin Spacey, who plays the villain in “House of Cards.” And as they are read and shared, an anti-Clinton narrative is reinforced.
America Rising is not the only conservative group attacking Mrs. Clinton from the left. Another is American Crossroads, the group started by Karl Rove, which has been sending out its own digital content, including one ad using a speech Ms. Warren gave at the New Populism Conference in Washington last May.
Republicans and their plutocrat dark money dirty tricksters can be counted on to try to undercut Clinton, as they would any other Democrat they see as a threat to their return to power.  Progressives need to be savvy and not amplify the messages these ratf**kers will be sending out from now until election day.

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