Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Good Archbishop

Argentinian-born Pope Francis has been a -- no pun intended -- revelation to many who had given up on the Catholic Church reforming itself.  From simple things like his disdain for the opulence of the office that his predecessors reveled in, to dealing seriously with past abuses, to his "who are we to judge" compassion for the LGBT community, the Pope has gained the admiration of many millions, while alienating many on the Church's right wing.

Charles P. Pierce has picked up on another gesture by the Pope that will enrage wingnuts:  the beatification of El Salvadoran Archbishop ├ôscar Romero, who was assassinated by right-wing goons while he celebrated Mass in March 1980.  At the time, the right-wing military junta governing El Salvador was facing rising opposition from the Church for its repression of liberties.  Right-wing death squads roamed the country, trying to snuff out opposition to the junta, assassinating priests and nuns among others.  The military junta (and by extension the death squads) were strongly supported by the Reagan Administration. By this gesture, Pope Francis is also holding up a mirror to those who were on the junta's side, as the Archbishop who gave his life opposing them is beatified.

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