Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Clinton Still Leads Republican Candidates (By A Lot)

Despite months of hammering by Republicans and their Clinton-hating stenographers in the "mainstream media," Hillary Clinton continues to lead three Republican rivals by 8 to 14 points, according to the latest NBC News/ WSJ poll.

With the usual caveat that the election is [insert timeframe] away, the biggest margin is the matchup with Gov. Scott "Koch Head" Walker (R-Kochland), who she leads 51-37.  She leads John Ellis  Bush Jeb! by 48-40, and Sen. Marco "Glug Glug" Rubio (R-Poland Spring) by 50-40.

Time for the "mainstream media," the awesome Republican propaganda machine that is Fox "News," Benghazi!!! sleuth Trey Gowdy, and the emptiest suit in America (h/t C. Pierce), RNC chair Reince Priebus, to crank it up a notch!

In the meantime, a musical fanfare to salute their ineffective efforts to date.

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